If You Decide to Run A Classified Ad

  • Run your classified ad in publications that your customers are likely to read when looking for the services you provide. General newspapers are only appropriate if your target audience is the general public. Trade journals might be a better choice for many IPs.

  • Look for publications that have both print and online editions. Many will run your ad in both at no extra charge.

  • Run the ad for as long as possible: you have to give readers a chance to find the ad in order for them to respond to it.

  • Make your ad catchy and readable. Spring for boldface or headline type, don't use abbreviations, allow for adequate spacing between words and lines, and chose your words carefully.

  • Give only enough information to lure customers: nobody wants to read six inches of tiny type.

  • Don't invest too much of your marketing effort in classified ads. There are good reasons why most IPs don't use them.