On the Romance Tip

  1. If you're working on site, research the local fraternization policies. Are they written or unwritten? How do they apply to IPs? Get a sense of both "official" and "unofficial" policies. (To this end, it may be just as valuable to chat with HR people as it is with the folks who work around you.)

  2. Be careful when you make inquiries. If you make this your first order of business, or if you ask too many questions too soon, or are simply too obvious about it, you may scare off people who might otherwise be interested in you. Word gets around in corporate offices.

  3. If you're considering establishing a personal relationship with a subordinate, be aware of the pitfalls, and discuss them openly with your new wage-slave companion.

  4. Getting up close and personal with a client has its own set of difficulties. Some experienced IPs suggest that you keep things strictly professional. You might consider putting any work-based relationships on hold until after you're finished with the project and the check has been deposited.