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June Walker's Tax Column



June Walker's sprightly, reader-friendly columns are no longer available on this website. June's most recent columns and articles can now be found at www.junewalkeronline.com.


Giving Gifts, Taking Deductions
June Walker is a woman of many gifts -- and she knows what she's talking about when it comes to deducting presents to business associates.

Start-Up Wrap-Up
June Walker presents the final installment of her start-up-costs trilogy.

Starting Up and Shutting Down
Even if your IP business never gets off the ground, you can still write off the start-up costs.

Billy Bridesnapper's Start-up Saga
If start-up costs are getting you down, this column will lift your fiscal spirits.

The Subtle Art of Advertising Deductions
June Walker presents a series of unexpected advertising deductions.

Advertising: Do It, Then Deduct It
Marketing. Advertising. Promotion. At tax time, they all mean one thing: deduction.

Getting Credit and Taking Allowances
June Walker tells how to get some extra credit from the IRS.

Taking Deductions on the Road
Learn to deduct travel expenses for business education -- it's elementary.

Getting There is Half the Battle
Education in your field may be a business deduction, but what about the cost of getting there?

Training You Can't Deduct
June Walker discusses education deduction no-nos. Bad news: that wine-tasting class probably won't qualify.

Courses That Qualify
Taking a course to improve your skills? June Walker will tell you how to write off the bills.

Quicken for IPs
Quick: How do you set up expense categories in Quicken? Hint: Ditch the defaults.

Mixing Business with Pleasure and Other Gray Areas
Your next trip combines business and fun. The IRS is into fun, right? How to deduce where the deductions are.

Can I Deduct Disneyland and Other Questions
I'm traveling to my in-law's to eat and talk business. That's painful enough to deduct, right? Maybe. June Walker tells all.

Three Ways to Expand Your Business Deductions
Buying CDs and going to concerts are business deductions? You've got to be kidding! Nope. June Walker explains.

Keeping Records -- It's Not Just for Taxes
If you want a loan, a grant, financial aid for college, or insurance, you'd better keep good records. Scratch that, excellent records. And you'd better start immediately.

Proving That You're a Business
How do you prove you're a real business if you're losing money? June Walker addresses a thorny tax issue.

Do You Have a Business or a Hobby?
Are you really running a business -- or is it just a hobby that makes some money?

Criteria for Self-Employment
Here's everything you always wanted to know about determining your legal status for tax purposes (but didn't know to ask).

You Say You're "Self-Employed" -- Will the IRS?
You say you're "self-employed" -- but maybe the IRS thinks you're a W-2bie. Read this and find out just what the hell you are.

Tax Deductions Are There for the Taking
Climb aboard for an all-access tour of the enchanted world of tax deductions.

IPs Face Unique Tax Challenges
June Walker presents a quick review of some of the wonderful tax challenges awaiting you.

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