The Art of the Link Letter

No, not Art Linkletter -- this is no joke, people. You have to be careful when approaching potential link partners. To help you out, here is a model link letter. Enjoy:

Dear Martha:
I loved your Cooking with Tree Bark Web site.
I recently started a Web site called Tree Bark Crafts, which teaches readers how to make birthday and holiday crafts out of tree bark (God's gift to craftspeople and chefs alike). Like you, I am a committed environmentalist/entrepreneur, and I too want to save the earth while earning a bundle. My site has a free newsletter and free stickers (offer valid until I can't afford it anymore), and a special education page for teachers, parents, and kids. I wonder if you'd consider adding a link to the site on your links page?
Thanks, and I look forward to your reply!
Best regards,
Lee Gullett