What's Money For?

In response to "What's Money For?" in San's inSANity column...

I've been contemplating IP-hood for the following reasons only:

  • I can't afford to pay someone to pick up my children from school (money).
  • I can't afford an after-school program (money).
  • My current employer doesn't pay me enough (money).
  • I can make more (money) on the outside.

Kateria Niambi

The inSANity column on the purpose of money was a nice piece, the first one I've read. I always thought money was God's way of getting me off my woman, out of bed, and into the studio. But now I know I was wrong, God has nothing to do with it.

San wrote that money can be a way of "attaining power (that is, reducing the freedom of others)." I am not sure I agree with this; it sounds a lot like the ancient sorcerer's way of thinking. True power is the conversion of potential energy (knowledge) into kinetic energy (actions) in a direction (plan) to achieve one's goals. How this affects your own freedom and the freedom of others depends on whether your heart is on the dark side (Darth Gates) or the light side (the rest of us).

Mike Ament