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Welcome to the 1099 Index:
An Annual Profile of the Independent Professional

The 1099 Index is the first comprehensive survey that sheds significant light onto a largely ignored segment of today's workforce -- IPs. Although millions of American workers are IPs, no one is quite sure who these people are, what they value, and what they believe.

That's where the 1099 Index comes in. It gets to the heart of America's independent workforce and compares IPs to traditional W-2 workers by asking such questions as:

  • Do you consider your job arrangement a preferred choice or would you rather have a more traditional job?

  • How satisfied are you with your current work situation?

  • What do you enjoy most about being an IP?

  • What was the main reason you became an IP?

Visit the Key Findings for a summary of survey results, What IPs Say to hear what IPs have to say about themselves, and Who Is Today's IP? for some fun demographic information.


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