Why We've Transmogrified into 1099

This webzine has been live for more than a year with the name Aquent Magazine. We've decided to change our name to 1099 to clarify the distinction between our focus and that of our parent company, Aquent.

Aquent focuses mostly on fields such as graphic design, illustration, art direction, production, writing, and computer technology. By contrast, this webzine publishes material for all independent professionals (IPs), regardless of the field they're in. (Check out our "Boss-Free People" stories for a sampling of the amazing variety of fields that IPs work in.)

To wage slaves, the title 1099 may be mysterious. But our audience of freelancers -- you -- knows that the 1099 form is what clients send you showing how much money you've earned from freelancing.

We also think that 1099.com will be an easier URL for you to remember and type than the old aquentmagazine.com was. We hope you agree. Comments? Complaints? Marriage proposals? Email them to editor@1099.com.