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A Taxing Experience:

Key Web Sites for Tax Panic



Whew! April's over. But wait -- is that the IRS still peeping in our windows? Probably not, but put that paranoia to some constructive use. Here are key links to help Independent Professionals keep their tax lives in order. Have a better April next year.

The Internal Revenue Service
This link should be at the top of your tax-related bookmarks. Online access to all forms can be a life saver as April 15th approaches, as will the comprehensive tax information for individuals and businesses you'll find here.

SmartMoney Tax Guide
Categorized stories cover many aspects of tax preparation and planning, including IRAs and retirement, deductions and write-offs, and capital gains and options. The editors of SmartMoney magazine produced this site in partnership with Lycos.

Quicken.com Small Business Tax Center
You'll find great how-to information here on the key issues that anyone running a small business faces: figuring self-employment tax or depreciation, finding a CPA, or keeping up with the latest tax code changes.

Kiplinger Taxcut: Tax Tips
The maker of the popular Taxcut software has provided valuable advice for -- what else? -- cutting your taxes. The fact that it's organized by tax form makes the information all the more useful.

Intuit Tax Preparation
Here's where you'll find links to some of the most popular tax-preparation software available: TurboTax for Windows users, MacInTax for Macintosh users, or Web TurboTax if you want to do your taxes online.

One of the most comprehensive sources of local, state, and federal tax information you'll find, TaxWeb provides news, how-to articles, forms, discussion groups, and more.

Not as well-polished as some other tax sites, TaxWorld nonetheless provides on-site Schedule C instructions and forms, as well as links to other sites. A section on Tax History makes for interesting reading.\

MSN MoneyCentral Taxes
MSN's Money Central has compiled a good general tax resource that has plenty of information for Schedule C filers. You can also do your taxes online from here via a link to SecureTax.

Uncle Fed's Tax Board
This large taxpayer advocacy site has information for all tax filers and preparers. Schedule C information is abundant, but you'll have to search for it. The home page even has a bit of personality, which is unusual for practical tax sites.

Nolo.com: Tax Problems
This publisher of legal self-help books provides online advice and answers to tax problems, including a section for small business.


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