Lori Abe, Publicity Manager

Lori Abe manages our relationship with the press, and when you get written about as often as we do, that's a job. (Okay, that was totally immodest for us to say, but it's true.) A newly transplanted thirty-something, Lori's now gainfully employed as head of public relations with this magazine's parent company, Aquent. Prior to that, she did PR for Tupperware Corporation, headquartered in Orlando, FL, making sure the media properly positioned these top-quality burping containers. She's also done PR for one of the largest fresh-produce marketing companies in the U.S., for a public relations agency, and for the Hilton Hotels in Hawaii. In fact, she was born and raised in Hawaii on what she calls "one of the most beautiful islands in the world." (We're so jealous we can barely type this.)

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