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Webzine Art Director and/or Production Artist

Our current production designer is leaving to tour Europe with his band (lucky bastard!) We need a replacement -- and fast. We're looking for:

A full-time Web Art Director. This could either be a junior or senior AD/designer position. The person would be working under a Creative Director. Job requires strong production skills (HTML, BBEdit and/or HomeSite, Dreamweaver, Photoshop/ImageReady) as well as general Web-construction knowledge and good design sense. Some JavaScript a plus but not absolutely required. We're not looking for the kind of Web designer who can only do Photoshop comps and then requires someone else to convert them into clickable pages. We're looking for someone who likes doing their own production, and can go from sketch to Photoshop to Dreamweaver/HTML. Prefer both Mac and PC experience, but we're flexible on that.

A part-time or temporary production artist with the same kind of production skills as listed above, but without the design background, who might work on an intermittent basis (be on call, essentially) with a possibility of going permanent later.

Both positions available now. Salary open, depending on experience and skill set.

Contact: Katy Demcak, Editorial Assistant, 1099 kdemcak@1099.com

(617) 535-4579


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