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Who We Are

Independent professionals (IPs), including freelancers, consultants, and contractors, are the fastest-growing segment of the American workforce. IPs are more affluent than typical employees, and have somewhat different concerns from the "entrepreneurs" that many magazines cater to. 1099 is the magazine for IPs -- a different kind of business magazine for a different kind of people.

1099 is the premiere business magazine for IPs. Our mission is to help IPs succeed by providing them with useful advice, practical resources, a warm sense of community, and irreverent entertainment -- all geared to the world of the professionally self-employed. In addition to being a quarterly, we're also the most established and widely acclaimed webzine serving this market.

1099 is different than most small business magazines. We're carefully targeted at upscale IPs building solo practices; we don't confuse them with entrepreneurs building companies. We don't lump together all self-employed people, either -- our readers are true professionals such as computer/tech contractors, art directors, management consultants, entertainers, and marketing specialists (see the Circulation page in this media kit for a detailed breakdown).

Our editorial concentrates on what really matters to IPs: business issues like how to find clients, negotiate contracts, and set rates; resource issues such as access to insurance and financial services; and psychological issues such as client relations, feelings of isolation, and the numerous personal challenges of working independently.

Finally, 1099 projects a different attitude than most business magazines. We understand our readers; we know they're unconventional people who won't read a conventional business magazine. We're a little outrageous -- more than a little, sometimes. Perhaps this explains why our Web site was the only American webzine nominated for a British Academy Award -- and in an entertainment (not business) category!

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