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Please answer all of the following questions:
What is your profession?
         (check all that apply)

Business Consulting
  1. Management Consulting
  2. Other Non-IT Consulting

Creative Arts & Media
  3. Art & Creative Direction/Graphic Design/Artist
  4. Desktop Publishing/Pre-press/Print Production/Presentations
  5. Copywriting/Editing/Writing/Journalism/Technical Writing
  6. Music/Voice
  7. Photography/Illustration

  8. Architectural
  9. Engineering

Finance & Insurance
 10. Accounting/Tax/Cost/CPA/Controller/Audit/Treasury
 11. Bookkeeping/General Ledger
 12. Business Plans
 13. Financing/Fund-raising
 14. Investment/Asset & Portfolio Management/Retirement Planning
 15. Lending
 16. Underwriting

Human Resources
 17. Recruitment/Search
 18. Change Management
 19. Compensation/Benefits
 20. Organizational Design/Development
 21. Training

Information Technology/Web & Multimedia
 22. Computer-related Consultant
 23. Internet/Intranet/Extranet/IT Management
 24. E-commerce Management/Development/Strategy
 25. Webmaster/Web Development
 26. Management Information Systems/Data Processing
 27. Network Systems
 28. Data Communications/Telecommunications
 29. Software/Applications Development/Programming
 30. Systems Engineering/Analysis/Technical Services
 31. Project Manager
 32. Web Designer/Information Architect

 33. Lawyer
 34. Paralegal

 35. Advertising
 36. Marketing
 37. Public Relations
 38. Sales
 39. Entertainment

 99.  Other 
Specify work-related services you research, utilize, and/or purchase:
         (check all that apply)

  1. Travel Agency/Online Travel
  2. Hotels/Accommodation
  3. Restaurants/Dining
  4. Insurance (Disability/Professional Liability)
  5. Health Insurance (Medical & Dental)
  6. Accounting/Bookkeeping/Tax Services
  7. Training/Seminars
  8. Financial Planning
  9. Real Estate (Acquisition/Rental/Leasing)
 10. Healthcare
 11. Computer Software/Computer Hardware
 12. High-Speed Modems/Internet Network Connections
 13. Wireless Network & Portable Devices
 14. Office Furniture & Supplies
 15. Home-Office Equipment
 16. Legal Services
 17. Marketing Services
 18. Billing Services

 99.  Other 
How many years have you been an independent professional?
         (check one only)
  1. More than 5 years
  2. 3-5 years
  3. 1-2 years
  4. Less than one year
  5. None
Please indicate your primary work location:
         (check one only)
  1. Leased/rented office space
  2. Home office
  3. Client's location
Would you like to receive special offers designed for independent
      professionals from other companies via email?

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