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June Walker's Tax Column

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Columns by June Walker:

IPs Face Unique Tax Challenges

Tax Deductions Are There For The Taking

You Say You're Self-Employed -- Will the IRS?

Criteria for Self-Employment

Do You Have a Business or a Hobby?

Proving That You're a Business

Keeping Records -- It's Not Just for Taxes

Three Ways to Expand Your Business Deductions

Can I Deduct Disneyland and Other Questions

Mixing Business with Pleasure and Other Gray Areas

Quicken for IPs

Courses That Qualify

Training You Can't Deduct

Getting There is Half the Battle

Taking Deductions on the Road

Getting Credit and Taking Allowances

Advertising: Do It, Then Deduct It

The Subtle Art of Advertising Deductions

Billy Bridesnapper's Start-up Saga

Starting Up and Shutting Down

Start-Up Wrap-Up

Giving Gifts, Taking Deductions

June Walker's sprightly, reader-friendly columns are no longer available on this website. June's most recent columns and articles can now be found at www.junewalkeronline.com.

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