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Books of Interest to Independent Professionals
(What? You work for yourself and you actually have time to read books?)

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A Day in the Life of an Independent Professional

A Day In The Life of a Landscape Architect


When it's hot in the Hamptons, superstar summer residents lounge by their swimming pools in delicious privacy, shielded from public view by eight-foot hedgerows, Byzantine gardens, and splendid shrubbery. Alas, local estates don't always come equipped with these living defense systems. That's why they hire somebody like IP landscape designer Elizabeth Lear to design and plant them...
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Taxes and Bombs:
Tale of a Dark Night in April

A trenchcoated man stalks the shadows in a rain-dark alley; a mad bomber tinkers with tubes and wires in his basement; a prosecutor slams the bars on a prisoner crying his innocence. We associate such images with 1930s movies, not with our own lives, but at least once every year -- usually in April -- IPs have a first hand experience of film noir.
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Just Plain Taxes:
You Think You Can File an Accurate Tax Return, Do You?
Unless you think like Al Capone, you probably plan to file your tax returns. Still, the question remains even for the law abiding: "Should I do it myself, or pay a professional tax preparer to do it?" 1099 speaks with three professionals about the risks of each method.
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John Doe on
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client relations and
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inSANity Column
This week: San
alienation and despair
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Taxation Column

Good grief, it's April! Are your tax returns driving you bonkers? Does your life suddenly feel like a toxic waste dump? Before you call Dr. Kevorkian, check out these Key Web Sites for Tax Panic.

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