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Senate Votes to Make Health Insurance 100% Tax Deductible for Self-Employed
Monday, July 12 -- In preliminary debates about the so-called Patients' Bill of Rights, the Senate voted 53 - 47 Tuesday in favor of an amendment that would make the cost of health-insurance 100% tax deductible for the self-employed. Currently, the self-employed may deduct 45% of the cost of health insurance.
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Congressional Bill Would Refine Employment Definitions
Monday, July 5th -- Congress is now considering two apparently contradictory bills -- one that would more narrowly define 'independent contractor' and one that would broaden it.U.S. Representatives Jerry Kleczka (D., Wis.) and Amo Houghton (R., N.Y.) have sponsored legislation that would refine the distinction between "employees" and "independent contractors."
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Champion of Self-Employed Gets MacArthur Fellowship
Sara Horowitz, executive director of Working Today, an advocacy group for independent workers, has been named a 1999 MacArthur Fellow.
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In Summer, Trees Grow Leaves, Not Money
The Associated Press reported Friday that the income of contract workers (freelancers, consultants, project workers) tends to decline during the summer due to slower summertime production schedules in many industries. Finance experts advise workers with irregular incomes to...
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Other recent news items:

More Men Than Women Working at Home
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Louis Harris Poll: Money Isn't Everything
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Nobody's Home - IPs on the Road

Three traveling freelancers -- a telecommunications consultant, a former political scientist, and an environmental protection agent -- drum up new business, run from tornadoes and hurricanes, and, while abroad, take painstaking care not to be ugly Americans. All in a day's work. Full Story

The information technology field is hardly glutted with female consultants, but they do exist. We peek into an IT career filled with computer languages, programs, and (surprise) difficult decisions.  Full Story
Saying No
Nobody likes to turn down work, but sometimes it's necessary if you value other things -- your sanity, reputation, and free time, for example. Full Story
Don't Leave Home Without It
Does your business card say too much? Too little? In the entire realm of things, do these wallet-sized marketing tools really matter?  Full Story
IP Chris Horsch is a private eye -- a real one. Turn off your TV and tune in to this story to find out what these guys actually do.

The Fowl Internet: Since 1995, the coop on the knoll behind John Babiarz's Grafton home has hosted a 20th century gaggle of noisemakers new to farm country -- computer servers. Full story

The Canvas Man: Tim O'Brien is a well-known IP illustrator who's also a boxer. When was the last time you met an artist who sidelined as a tough guy?   Full Story

The Tech Temptation: Computers and cell phones and Palm Pilots and all that other beeping blinking stuff can save you time. Or cost you a lot of it. 1099 talks common sense with three independent professionals about managing the temptations of technology.  Full Story

Moments of Decision: It won't happen often, but every now and then a project will shoot you and your business in a completely new direction. Aquent talks with three IPs about the accounts that changed their businesses. Full Story

He Pulls Together Healthcare: People hire personal trainers to keep themselves fit. So do healthcare institutions like hospitals, medical clinics, and advocacy groups. Consultant Matthew McClain is their soft-spoken task master.  Full story

Clients You Can Live Without: Yes, we know, you love your clients. Most of them. Sometimes, however, a client crawls out of your nightmare swamp and almost makes you wish you were a wage slave again. Sound familiar?  Full story.

You Call This Work? Teaching office workers to freak out and be goofy -- what kind of job is that? Okay, it isn't exactly a "job" -- it's an IP career. One of our "A Day in the Life of an Independent Professional" series. Loosen your shirt collar and read the full story.

Don't Be Bashful: Nobody's saying you have to cruise the town square bellowing your name and phone number. Nobody's saying you shouldn't, either. But if you expect to succeed in self-employment, you'd better make time to market yourself somehow.  Full story

Film by One: Even in the complex film projects of tinsel town, some people work for themselves. Meet well-known film producer John Daly. Full story

Naming Your Business: You can invent a name for your solo business, or simply use the one you were born with. We found that IPs disagree on this issue. Full story

Beating The Night Terrors: No work coming in? Living in your own private horror movie? We feel your pain... no, actually, that's baloney. Only you feel your pain. But we do have some advice.   Full story    

A Day in the Life of an IP: Surely you knew that museum curators can be independent professionals. It's an interesting life, complete with mother goddesses, problem clients (sound familiar?), and a diabetic male cat named... Susan? Don't ask; just read.

Professional Associations: Gold Mines or Coal Mines: Most independent professionals know that joining an association can help their networking. But what should you do once you join?   Full story

A Day in the Life of an IP: When it's hot in the Hamptons, superstar summer residents hire IP landscape designer Elizabeth Lear.
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Classified ads for IPs? The Great Scott, a magician, is used to stunning children and adults by making things appear and disappear. But not even smoke and mirrors can conjure up new clients... Full story

Taxes as Melodrama: At least once every year -- usually in April -- IPs have a first hand experience of film noir. We found an IP lawyer/accountant who divides his time between murder, bombs, and... tax preparation. Call it IRS noirFull story

Should you do your own taxes, or have a professional tax preparer do it? 1099 speaks with three professionals about the pros and cons of each method.  Full story

April's long gone, and if you were a good little girl or boy and filed your taxes on time, you can ignore this. But if you screwed up and are still having IRS nightmares, here are our picks of Key Web Sites for Tax Panic.

Nice Work, If You Can Keep It: Client relations and project management.  Full story

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