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We're Getting Noticed and It's Swelling Our Heads Department:
USA Today names us a 'Hot Site'... Fortune Magazine calls us 'a great little online magazine'... The Mining Company gave us a great review too. Now if we can just figure out how to get the IRS not to notice us...

For press coverage of the recent renaming of our talent agency, go to:
Press Room at Aquent Partners

There's a rational, professional way to deal with criticism from clients or bosses... and then there's our crazed columnist's way.   Full Story

Professional AssociationsMost independent professionals know that joining an association can help their networking. But what should you do once you join?   Full Story

Museum CuratorSurely you knew that museum curators can be independent professionals. It's an interesting life, complete with mother goddesses, problem clients (sound familiar?), and a diabetic male cat named... Susan? Don't ask; just read. Naming Your BusinessYou can invent a name for your solo business, or simply use the one you were born with. We found that IPs disagree on this issue. Full story
Landscape DesignerA Day in the Life of an IP: When it's hot in the Hamptons, superstar summer residents hire IP landscape designer Elizabeth Lear.
Full story   Tips
The Great Scott, a magician, is used to stunning children and adults by making things appear and disappear. But not even smoke and mirrors can conjure up new clients... Full story    Tips

Taxes and Bombs:
Tale of a Dark Night in April

At least once every year -- usually in April -- IPs have a first hand experience of film noir.   Full story

Just Plain Taxes:
You Think You Can File an Accurate Tax Return, Do You?

Unless you think like Al Capone, you've probably already filed your tax returns. Still, the question remains even for the law abiding: "Should I have done it myself, or paid a professional tax preparer to do it?" 1099 speaks with three professionals about the pros and cons of each method. Full story

April's over, and if you were a good little girl or boy and filed your taxes on time, you can ignore this. But if you screwed up and are still having IRS nightmares, here are our picks of Key Web Sites for Tax Panic.

(ir)regular columns...

inSANity Column
This week: San
decides he's sick of criticism and explores his options... including murder and mayhem.
New every Friday

Taxation Column
You call yourself "self-employed," but what will the IRS call you? June Walker explains in her trademark clear style.

Doing Work Column
Client relations and
project management
(We're looking for a permanent columnist for this slot)

Getting Work Column
(Yep, we're still looking for a marketing columnist. Recommendations?

Great letters from our readers: business names, the "desert" of self-employment, and a complaint about... Agency X?

Books of Interest to Independent Professionals
(What? You work for yourself and you actually have time to read books?)

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