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A day in the life of an independent professional...

Madonna pays a personal trainer big bucks to crack the whip and keep her fit. So do institutions, including the ones responsible for the health of the general public -- hospitals, medical clinics, government and private health advocacy groups. Consultant Matthew McClain is their soft-spoken task master. Full Story

IP Issues in the News

More Men Than Women Working at Home
June 8, The Wall Street Journal -- A recent study of home-based workers suggests that more men work at home than women, a challenge to the stereotype of the housewife with a job on the side. The study, of 899 households in nine states, revealed that 59% of all home-based workers are male, typically 44 years old, married, and employed in a white-collar profession such as marketing, sales, or technology. On average, these men have about 10 years of experience in their field and earn $57,000 a year (compared with $41,600 for all households). The study includes both self-employed and corporate home-based workers.

Other recent news items:
Louis Harris Poll: Money Isn't Everything  Full story
Congressional Bill Refines Employment Definitions  Full story

Waiting For AliensOur inSANity columnist explains why he'll land better clients after the Alpha Centaurians invade us. Wow, that sounds like a useful theory. Luckily, he also ponders why clients might or might not remember you in the meantime. Full story Clients You Can Live WithoutYes, we know, you love your clients. Most of them. Sometimes, however, a client crawls out of your nightmare swamp and almost makes you wish you were a wage slave again. Sound familiar?    Full story.

Don't Be BashfulNobody's saying you have to cruise the town square bellowing your name and phone number. Nobody's saying you shouldn't, either. But if you expect to succeed in self-employment, you'd better make time to market yourself somehow.     Full story    Tips

You Call This Work?Teaching office workers to freak out and be goofy -- what kind of job is that? Okay, it isn't exactly a "job" -- it's an IP career. One of our "A Day in the Life of an Independent Professional" series. Loosen your shirt collar and read the full story.

Film by One: Even in the complex film projects of tinsel town, some people work for themselves. Meet well-known film producer John Daly. Full story

Naming Your Business: You can invent a name for your solo business, or simply use the one you were born with. We found that IPs disagree on this issue. Full story

Beating The Night Terrors: No work coming in? Living in your own private horror movie? We feel your pain... no, actually, that's baloney. Only you feel your pain. But we do have some advice.   Full story     Tips

A Day in the Life of an IP: Surely you knew that museum curators can be independent professionals. It's an interesting life, complete with mother goddesses, problem clients (sound familiar?), and a diabetic male cat named... Susan? Don't ask; just read.

Professional Associations: Gold Mines or Coal Mines: Most independent professionals know that joining an association can help their networking. But what should you do once you join?   Full story

A Day in the Life of an IP: When it's hot in the Hamptons, superstar summer residents hire IP landscape designer Elizabeth Lear.
Full story   Tips

Classified ads for IPs? The Great Scott, a magician, is used to stunning children and adults by making things appear and disappear. But not even smoke and mirrors can conjure up new clients... Full story    Tips

Taxes as Melodrama: At least once every year -- usually in April -- IPs have a first hand experience of film noir. We found an IP lawyer/accountant who divides his time between murder, bombs, and... tax preparation. Call it IRS noir. Full story

Should you do your own taxes, or have a professional tax preparer do it? 1099 speaks with three professionals about the pros and cons of each method. Full story

April's long gone, and if you were a good little girl or boy and filed your taxes on time, you can ignore this. But if you screwed up and are still having IRS nightmares, here are our picks of Key Web Sites for Tax Panic.

(ir)regular columns...

inSANity Column
Do you sometimes feel like a freak because you don't have a regular job? Our resident expert on freakiness gives a history lesson.
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Taxation Column
Are you really running a business -- or is it just a hobby that makes some money? June Walker explains.

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